Launch: North East Marina

Depth Range: 45-55 FOW

Water Temp: 36 Degress

Conditions: Mostly clear and sunny conditions. Rolling waves and light wind when we started that calmed progressively as the day went on.

Most Effective Presentation: Dipsey Divers and Spoons. Colors were all over the place. Large (not magnum) sized spoons seemed to be most effective.

The Rundown:
The Day began a little late. Fellow Captain Lane Brown and Butch and I hit the water a little after 8 and started searching a for just over an hour before we put lines in the water. The first stop on the list was cloudy water, and good marks. We never confirmed what those marks were, and pulled our gear and headed for some more familiar deeper and cleaner water. We found cleaner water and a few (very few) scattered marks that we thought may be Lake Trout.

Side Note… Often Lake Trout will not show up on your fish finder because they are hugging the bottom. Some units do a better job of displaying these bottom dwellers, but often you just have to “poke and hope” on varying structure with limited information.

We set up a typical spread on my boat of 2 downriggers with attractors and spin and glos, Dutch Fork Butterfly laker rigs, and Dreamweaver Whirly Gigs. Then added 4 Dreamweaver deeper divers and a mix of spoon sizes and colors. I had pretty low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised by the tell tale pounding of a big laker on an outside wire diver rod.
(yeah, I know outside wire inside braid is backwards… 🙂
That would be a theme throughout the morning. Braid divers took a few fish and downriggers added a few also. In general, divers and spoons were popping consistently with the downrigger laying mostly silent… That was a first for me… Conventional wisdom would have said to pull the attractors and run with spoons… Sometimes when the spread is catching consistently, you leave the attractors alone (even if they aren’t the lines doing the catching. We worked through a handful of fish netting somewhere around 11-13 Lakers and 3 Steelhead. Overall we had already had a great day, with other plans for the afternoon we retired the gear and headed back to the marina. While the fishing wasn’t crazy yet (and I mean yet), it was great to chase slimey dinosaurs with friends on a calm lake. Warmer days are ahead and even more days of Lake Trout fun are yet to be had.

Chase your dreams, you never know how the story may go.
Good Luck and Great fishing!

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